Answering to a Dance

It is always exciting to get asked to a dance. But the BIG question lies ahead. How will I answer them? This page has been created using various persons and website ideas. If you have any to contribute just email us. We are creative! You get the Credit! Enjoy!
1. Bake chocolate chip cookies in the shape of the words "YES". It's fun, yummy, and a great way to let him/her know that you want to go!
2. Send a pizza to their house and make sure the pizza place puts pepperonis on top that say "YES" (make sure that you pay for it in advance)
3. Measure the insides of a door frame and get some scrap wood and make another frame. Then, Saran Wrap the fame, and somewhere in the Saran Wrap put a paper that says, "I'm bouncing off the walls, excited to go to the dance with you."
4. Go to a Thrift shop and buy a HUGE pair of briefs. Write on it "I'll be brief....YES!!".
5. Fill a balloon with whipped cream, put your laminated message in the whipped cream.
6. In a box, put some hay and a few rose buds. Include a note saying: "HAY, let's go to the dance, just as BUDS."
7. Get a giant bag of fortune cookies. In only one cookie, insert your answer.
8. Blow up a balloon, write your answer on it carefully with a marker, and deflate it again. Send it in an envelope. He/she will have to blow up the balloon to read the message.
9. Get 1,001 Smarties and put them in a bowl with a note that said, "If there were an odd number of Smarties I would love to go.... if there were an even number, I would love to go but I am busy."
10. Send a gold fish bowl with a treasure chest at the bottom. Attach a note that says, " I would treasure your company at the dance"
11. Get a remote control car with your answer attached to it. Drive it up to your date.
12. Rent a billboard for a day and drive them past it. OR if you are short on money, get the local school to put your message on their marquee.
13. If it is snowy out, write your message in the snow with colored water using a spray bottle, and sign your name to it. Call and have them look outside.


  1. I got asked to Prom with Ben and Jerry's icecream and it said "Why stay home with Ben and Jerry when you can go to Prom with me?" Any ideas how to answer?

  2. Say I'd Farr (with Farr's ice cream) rather go with you

  3. I got asked with him coming to me in a full body gorilla suit with a sign saying "id go bananas if we didnt go to prom." How do I answer?

  4. I got asked with him coming to me in a full body gorilla suit with a sign saying "id go bananas if we didnt go to prom." How do I answer?

  5. He filled my bedroom with balloons and wrote a poster about going up to the dance together. Had a drawing from the movie 'Up'.
    How to reply. (I'm saying yes)

  6. He filled my room with balloons and then asked with a picture from the movie "Up". I can't remember what he wrote, but don't know how to reply. I am saying yes.