Asking to a Dance

Students always seem to get nervous whenever a school dance is coming up. They question who they should ask. What their ultimate question ends up being is "How am I gonna ask them?" It is simple. This blog is all about ideas on asking someone to a dance, whether it is Prom, Homecoming, Harvest, or even Sadies. I have compiled dozens of ways to ask someone to a dance and I am ultimately going to publish them on here. Hope you enjoy and wish me luck!

Asking to a Dance or Date

8. Guess Who? ~ Everyone has played the game Guess Who. Buy that game and change one of the faces and names out for your name. Leave a note along with the board game and treats by their door saying, "Guess Who wants to go to Homecoming with you?"

9. Key to My Heart ~ Buy a combination lock. Make a list of possible dates that the person would go to the dance with. Place random combinations next to each one, but place the correct combination next to your name. They have to go through each lock to find out who asked them. "CRACK the CODE and I think we'd make a great COMBINATION to the dance." Leave them a treat so they aren't just stuck with a combination lock.

10. It's Corny ~ Get enough ears of corn to spell out your name and some extras. Make a poster that says, "I know it's CORNY, but you'd be a peach if you'd go to Homecoming with me." Then spell your name out with the ears of corn.

11. Lucky Charms ~ Get a box of the delicious Lucky Charms cereal. Put a piece of paper with your name on it or find your name in letters on the outside the box to circle. Put the box and a poster board with this saying on it, "I'd be Charmed if I were lucky enough to be your date. Now the only thing you've got to do is find my name."

12. Popping the Question ~ There are two ways to come about this approach. 1) Put scraps of paper with your name on it in a group of balloons. 2) Get a bag of lollipops and put each letter of your name on the suckers and place them back in the bag. Then place your approach on their porch or deliver it to them with a note that says, "Thought I'd POP the question.......Will you go to Homecoming with me?"

13. Swedish Fish... ~ prepare a bowl of the best Swedish fish ever. There are two options for this. 1)Write each letter of your name on them.  2)Spell your name out with the fish on their porch. Then put the fish in a bowl. Leave it on their porch with a note saying, "Of all the fish in the sea I choose you to go to Homecoming with me."

14. Hauling your Buns! ~ Your date better have a sweet tooth:) Get a box of glazed cinnamon rolls. Leave a note saying, 

"Can I haul your BUNS to (insert dance)?"

They would love it. They get a yummy dessert and a fun date:)

15.  Balloon Time! Blow up a whole bunch of pink balloons with helium and draw pig faces on them. Then put those balloons in a box with a note on top that says, "When will I ask you to Prom?" then put a note inside the box that says "When pigs fly!" Put the letter of your name inside the balloons. Deliver the box when done! Get it? They are flying:)

16.  Asking Using Sidewalk Chalk ~ What an cheap and unexpected way to ask someone out on a date or to a dance, using chalk. Be creative and colorful. Make sure you check the weather, if rain is normal in your area.
17.  Lets make this a puzzling question?? ~ Write your date night question onto any type of board and then cut it out into puzzle pieces.  When your date finds it, they can put it together and enjoy the surprise.

18.  Set out a bunch of candles that light up on her driveway that spell out “Prom” or  “Homecoming”.

19.  Use the old fashioned way..... what a romantic way to ask a girl out on a date by putting the message in a bottle of sand.

20.  How to ask Prom cookies ~ Oh my gosh how adorable are these “Will you go to Prom with me” cookies.  I just adore how all the answers are there as well.

21. Popcorn it Up!! ~ Go to your local grocery store and purchase a stick of butter, and leave it at that. Drop it off at your potential dates door. They will be puzzled and go searching through the butter thinking that they should find something. 30 minutes later, drop off a bag of popcorn that says "Now that I've buttered you up, would you be my date for the dance?"

22. Yearbook Puzzle ~ Scan a few pages of your yearbook (random pages of your class's section, but make sure one of the pages has you on it.) Cut out all the names of the boys names on the pages, and include all of the guys names except yours. This is of course going to take your potential date a while, but the suspense will kill it when she finds out that she has to go through all of the boys names to find the one mission name, yours! (This could also work with your class photos!)

23. Lets Go Fishin' ~ If possible, put goldfish in your dates bathtub, or you could put them in their sink or even a bowl. Then leave a note saying "Of all the fish in the sea would you go to the dance with me....??"

24. Everybody Loves Cake ~ Bake a cake, and after it's done, before icing it, cut the cake into 2 pieces. In the center on a thick piece of cardboard (So your potential date won't obviously eat it by accident...), write "It'd be sweet if you'd go to the dance with me!"

25. Get Creative ~ Get a white T-shirt. Write in regular marker the names of a bunch of guys who would potentially ask her to the dance. At the top of the shirt, write, "Who will you go to the dance with? Wash the shirt to find out!" Write your name on the shirt too, but write it in permanent or fabric marker. When she takes the shirt home and washes it, your name will be the only one left!

26. Plung your way into the Dance ~ Get a toilet plunger (unused) and fill it with almond joy candy bars, then have a note attached to it that says "I would OVERFLOW with JOY if you would go to the dance with me!"

27. French, the love Language ~ Get a foreign language book(French, German  Spanish  etc.)of a language the person you are asking doesn't know. Find words that you want to use to ask with in the other language and write them on a piece of paper. Then give the paper and a dictionary in the foreign language and then tell them that they have to look through the whole dictionary to find the message. :) 

28. If you have a BIG field or lawn, and a way to get them above it(like an airplane), mow it into the lawn. (Will you go to the dance with me?)

29. Going Post-it Crazy ~ Completely cover their car with post-it notes. On all of the post-its but a few write the name of the dance that is coming up. On the other few, write "will you go to [the dance] with me?"









Interesting way to ask someone out to prom!

aw, reminds me of one of my close friends. lol! if you’re wondering if it’s you. it probably is. LOL!

 awwwh, thats cute ;]

30. Lollipops are the way to ones heart ~ Buy a huge bag of lollipops and place them in a sucker holder. Cover almost every inch of the holder. Place a note at the top of the holder saying, "[the dance] would suck without you being my date.]"

prom answer "Yes! Prom would "suck" without you!"

31. Pizza.... ~  Get a pizza from a local pizza place. Write on the top of the box, "I know it's cheesy  but will you go to the dance with me?"

"This is cheesy."  :)

32. Pumpkin Chunkin' ~ Get a pumpkin and cut a hole in the top. Place a paper inside the pumpkin (with the guts in tow) that says "will you be my pumpkin and go to morp with me?" Place your name on a separate piece of paper and place it near the bottom of the inside of the pumpkin. Get a poster to put next to the pumpkin when you give it to him/her that says, "my fairy god-mother told me I couldn't go to the dance without a pumpkin. So.... look inside the pumpkin."

33. Hershey Kiss ~ Buy a bag of Hershey kisses. Put them all over their porch. Leave a note saying, "Now that I have kissed the ground you've walked on, will you go to the dance with me?"

34.Tickle Me Pink ~ decorate their room entirely in pink. (balloons, streamers, candies, etc) Leave a note that says, "I'd be tickled pink if you'd come with me to the dance.)

35. Harvest is Near ~ Buy a bale of hay and a pumpkin. Place the hay and pumpkin on their porch. Leave a poster on the porch  as well that says, "Hay Punkin'! Would you harvest that pumpkin and go to the dance with me?" Hide your name in the hay, in the pumpkin or write it on the bottom of the pumpkin. 

36. Key to my heart ~ Buy a combination lock. Make a list of possible girls that the guy would go to the dance with. Place random combinations next to each one, but place the correct combination next to your name. He has to go through each lock to find out who asked him. 

37. Party Car ~ Get a Barbie play car. Fill it with the Fun dip dipping candy. Leave it on their porch. Leave a poster that says, "It would be a car full of fun if you went to the dance with me."
Barbie side view

38. Going Bananas ~ Get as many things banana themed and put them together in a basket or bin of some sort. Place it on their porch with a note that says, "I would go bananas if you went to the dance with me?"

39. Feet Sweepin' ~ Give them a sweeper or broom. Place a note on it that says, "I would be swept off of my feet if you would go to the dance with me."

40. Scrabble Cookies ~ make scrabble tile cookies and spell your name out on them.
scrabble tile cookies. this could be a really cute way to ask someone to a dance or something. make a bunch of letter cookies and they have to put them together to solve what it says:)

41. Can't-Elope ~ cut a cantelope and fill in with whipcream. Place a sign in the cantelope that says "Since we 'Can't-Elope' will you go to [insert dance name] with me?
Funny way to ask someone to a dance



  1. An idea I used to ask my boyfriend to his Morp was I used a pumpkin, I cut a hole in the top then put a paper inside with all the goop still inside that said "will you be my pumpkin and go to Morp with me?" Then my name was on another piece also inside the pumpkin. With the pumpkin I also had a poster that said something like, "my fairy god-mother told me I couldn't go to the dance without a pumpkin. So... Look inside the pumpkin"

  2. That is a funny and great idea! Thanks, i will add it as soon as i can.

  3. Or fill their car with tootise rolls and write hey tootsie let's roll to dance. Write you name inside one of the tootsie rolls then they have to unwrap all of them to find the name. The replu is then once all unwrapped write yes on one of the wrappers and put in room or car

  4. get a poster and say "its written in the starts will you go to (insert dance) with me?" and get glow in the dark stars and write your name with them on their ceiling.
    get a bunch of cardboard boxes and fill their door way with them and say "i hate to 'block' you out but will you go to (insert dance) with me? then write the letters of your name on the boxes in one color then lots of random letters in others and tell them to look for that color.

  5. Or you could man up and just ask them to their faces?

    1. I can see why you'd make the point, but as a girl, I can say that it's much funner to get asked in a way that they had to spend time on. It lets you know that they spent time thinking of you, that they really want to go to the dance with you, and that they're not asking you just to have someone to go with. That, and the majority of the time, you get free food! Nom nom :)

    2. Yeah I agree, the guys don't ask like this because they aren't 'man enough' its just a way fun way that girls and guys get to ask and answer each other for dances. You get to be creative and the suspense kills you. Its one of my favorite things about dances

    3. I agree With them but you also get to put some of your personality in to it

    4. Guys ask to dances this way.... Welcome to Utah.

  6. Hey just wondering where number 1-7 went. Can't seem to find them anywhere. GREAT ideas for asking though. I will definitely use one of these in the future

  7. I want to know how to use his interest for classic cars o ask him to the dance?

    1. Go to a classic car showing and put "It would be classic if you went to (insert dance name) with me!" on a poster board.

  8. Looking for a way to ask a swing dancer to a dance?

  9. My son asked to a dance using the stick of butter idea but, after dropping off the stick of butter on the doorstep with her name on it and waiting for a bit he dropped off a poster and a bag of popcorn. The poster said, now that I've BUTTERED you up, I thought I would POP the question! Will you go to homecoming with me? He then signed his name but you could write the letters of the persons name on the pieces of popcorn and make them search for it.

  10. These are all fantastic ideas, the post it note car is my personal favourite, it clearly took such dedication!