Group Dating Ideas

Group dates are always a blast! They bring friendships together and make dating with your friends even more fun. What to do for a group date is the question?? Below are great ideas for group dates or even just a gathering of friends. If you can't find anything that you would like to use as a group date, look under the date nights tab. You can use one of those and make it available for more people.

Fall themed idea
Winter themed idea
Messy but entertaining

Group Date Ideas

1. Flour Fights are the BEST!! ~ This is an easy do it yourself group date idea. Get 2 or 3 dozen knee high nylons. Take a cup of flour and place it inside the nylon. Tie the nylon at the top to prevent the flour from falling out in clumps. Your preparation is DONE! Everyone who is participating needs to be in black. Set up teams to play tag or capture the flag. Give each team a bucket of nylons to start with. Once it starts everyone tries to hit the opposing team with the nylons if they come onto the opposing side. It is easy to tell if someone gets hit because the nylon leaves a circle of flour on the black shirt or pant. It is quite messy but way worth it.

2. Dartboard Dinner ~  Assign each couple to bring a specific finger food. Foods like baby carrots, cheese squares, crackers, olives, donuts, pickles, eclairs, or pizza rounds. Place these foods in a circle, resembling a dart board. Place the most desirable foods in the middle. After the food dart board is finished, play real darts. After each throw, a player gets to eat 1 serving of the food that corresponds with their hit on the dartboard. Play until all of the food is gone or until everyone in the group is full and can't stuff any more into their stomach.
3. Messy Egg Toss ~ This game is very messy. It includes at least 2 dozen raw eggs per couple. Go to a field or large opening and line up. Girls on one side, guys on the other. (like red rover) Have the couples face each other and start off about 5 feet away from each other. Start the egg toss. The girls throw first. The object of the game is to toss an egg between each couple. The egg cannot break or crack, if it does then the couple is out. After the first round, the couples need to take a giant step back. Play another round starting off with the boys this time and alternate each round. Play until a winner is finalized or no eggs remain. 

4. Flag Football 
5. Glow in the dark tag 
6. Have a picnic
7. Go hiking
8. Pumpkin Pinata 
9. Bowling Pumpkin Style ~ 
10. Scavenger Hunt @ the mall ~ 
11. Snow Volleyball 
12. Snow Fort War
13. Tomato War 
14. White Elephant Party 
15. Bigger and Better 
16. Air Show 
17. Alpine Slide 
18. Christmas Lights 
19. Rock Climbing 
20. Drive in Movie 
21. Four Wheeling 
22. Ice Skating 
23. Laser Tag 
24. Go to the local Aquarium 
25. Planetarium 
26. Rodeo 
27. Balloon paint dartboard game ~ fill balloons with different colors of paint. Hang them from a wall covered by a sheet or a wall to paint a funky pattern. Throw darts at the balloons. When they pop the paint goes everywhere. When finished, the paint leaves a spunky mural or art project.
28. Bowling
29. Hiking (That is of course if you have mountains)
30. Amusement Park or Fair
31. Miniature golfing
32. Snow Ball Fight
33. Pool Party
34. Concerts, plays, or other live performances
35. Tinfoil Dinners ~ These are fun but you usually do them when you are camping, but HEY you can do tinfoil dinners for a date. They normally consist of meat, sliced potatoes, vegetables, etc. Wrap them up then put them in the fire. Make sure you have something that you can pull them out with without burning your hand.
36. Night Games
37. Make your own miniature golf course ~ Use boards, cups, dishes, toys or basically anything that you can find. Then play a game of mini golf.


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