Date Nights

Date Night

Date nights make relationships stronger. This is a compilation of ideas for a date whether it’s a night out on the town or just stay indoors. These ideas range from expensive to do it for free. They are divided into three categories; Free Dates or those that are less expensive ($), Average cost for a date ($$), and Expensive dates ($$$)
free dates
  1. Be active. Go play basketball, tennis or catch in your backyard or at a local park. It’s easy, fun, and FREE.
  2. Sit down and write love letters. Have it set to 20 or 10 years from where you write. 20 to 10 years later, open them up together and read them to each other.
  3. Make chocolate covered strawberries together
  4. Watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together whether it’s cereal or pancakes. yummy:)
  5. Go to your local planetarium. They are usually free which makes it easy.
  6. Play board games together
  7. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter. It is a great bonding experience plus you can see how sensitive your date is.
  8. Play Frisbee outside in good weather (make sure it is not windy)
  9. Visit a flea market and spot crazy things out to each other
  10. Play bingo (except you will have lots of time for that in your older years)
  11. Visit a nursing home. Talk to the elderly and give flowers out to each of them.
  12. Take a walk – go to a lake, in the moonlight, around your neighborhood, in the city, on the beach, by a river, wherever!
  13. Relive your childhood and build a fort together
  14. Use your gift cards (Hey it’s FREE)
  15. Rent a movie, pop popcorn and snuggle while enjoying each others company.
  16. For you health nuts, participate in a FREE week at the gym
  17. Have a paint fight (it might be a good idea to do this as a group date with some friends)
  18. Go to the dollar store and choose an activity. Don’t let each other see what you bought until you are out of the store.
  19. Test drive a car that you have no intention to buy. (Audi A7, that’s what i’m talking about)
  20. Make homemade ice cream
  21. For the adventurous, go dumpster diving. You never know what you will find,.
  22. Food fight!
  23. Cupcake War (have a competition with other couples to see who can make the tastiest and cutest cupcake.
  24. Takeout and a board game or movie
  25. 1000 piece puzzle and pizza
  26. Homemade pizzas and an Italian movie (aka the Italian Job)
  27. Window shopping for the house
  28. Grab a camera and do a photo shoot of each other. Go to different places with different outfits.
  29. Popcorn and a movie/tv marathon.
  30. Sit down and have a good conversation. Here is a list of questions that you can ask each other about if you are married or have kids.
  31. Video record the story of how you met and fell in love
  32. Make smoothies and milkshakes
  33. Rent a RedBox movie
  34. Make a gratitude list together.
  35. Search for funny YouTube videos with Chinese food in hand.
  36. Share where you want to be in 5 to 10 years
  37. Go to the park and play soccer on the grass
  38. Go people watching at Walmart with ice cream.
  39. Mall photo scavenger hunt
  40. Try to catch the ice cream man!
  41. Make homemade donuts
  42. Have a chocolate tasting night
  43. Play a prank on someone
  44. Have a dance party
  45. Have a BBQ with neighbors or friends
  46. Play Twister
  47. Have fondue night with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or sparkling cider.
  48. Build a fire or use your stove to make smores
  49. Watch spy movies (unless you’re a spy, then that’s cheating)
  50. Be awkward and have a fashion show
  51. Bring out your inner child and have a Nerf gun war
  52. Sit down with takeout, popcorn, and watch Fifty First Dates.
  53. Babysit a neighbors or friends children
  54. Break a record! Look up records to break at the Guinness World Records website.
  55. Decorate mugs for each other. You can find cheap mugs and sharpies at the dollar store. Put them in the oven when done for a couple of minutes at about 325 degrees F.
  56. Go to a playground…… swing, laugh, giggle, occasionally fall, slide, bring out your inner child!
  57. Subscribe to a service like Groupon. Use their coupons for restaurants and go out with a night of fun.
  58. Visit show homes, open houses, or parade of homes in your area.
  59. Have a sandcastle building contest. If you live far from a beach, buy sand and fill a kiddy pool with it. Then let the building commence.
  60. Be kids! Hula hoop, ride bikes, chalk drawings on sidewalks, jump rope, hopscotch, fly kites, or blow bubbles
  61. Learn popular dances from Youtube (Dougie, Harlem Shake, Jerk, Shuffling, or Gangnam Style)
  62. Grab blankets, pillows, food, drinks, Movie playing device, a great movie and sit in the back of your car and watch movies
  63. Water Gun fight
  64. Hide n Seek….in the dark
  65. Break out the old school games and consoles. This should be an intense competition.
  66. Take a trip down memory lane. Visit an arcade with a bunch of quarters to play all of your favorite games.
  67. Teach each other skills…. bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills, just skills!
  68. Go to Costco and have free samples, and buy $1.50 dinners.
  69. Have a Wii sports tournament or Just Dance.
  70. Play poker with candy, peanuts, or cheap prizes from the Grocery store or Dollar store
  71. Play finger paint.
  72. Gather some rolls of coins. Go to a local fountain and make wishes together.
  73. Go to a courthouse and watch a FREE trial. It’s a free and live Law & Order
  74. Go stargazing with a picnic and don’t forget candles
  75. Make marshmallow guns and have a war. You can find instructions on how to just by Googling it.
  76. Plant a small tree or garden
  77.  Cook a late dinner together
  78. Have a “finger foods” only dinner
  79. Play ”Would you Rather.” It is a great way to get to know each other a little bit better. You can find some sample questions here.
average cost
  1. In the fall, visit a pumpkin farm and pick one out or go through a corn maze.
  2. Go bowling
  3. Take a painting class together
  4. Visit the Zoo
  5. Go camping
  6. Scavenger Hunt (bum, bum, bum)
  7. Have dinner at a new restaurant
  8. High School or College Football game and nachos
  9. Cross something off your bucket list
  10. Karaoke Night
  11. Ice skating with hot chocolate near by
  12. Go tobogganing
  13. Go Shot gun shooting
  14. Go to a carnival (re-live Grease)
  15. Rent paddle boards/boats
  16. Sign up for a mud run. It is a lot of work but you get wet, dirty, and you are working out while still having fun.
  17. Rent a tandem bike and ride around town or by the beach
  18. Go country dancing
  19. Kayaking
  20. Laser tag and go carts
  21. Play a game with high stakes!! (Get crazy and make a bet)
  22. Attend a costume party
  23. Have an around the world dinner themed night
  24. Take dance lessons (Salsa Bebe)
  25.  Take a road trip to a city you have never been before.
  1. Go see an NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, or MLS game. (fun atmosphere and always unexpecting)
  2. For the adventurous! Go sky diving!
  3. Go ziplining

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